CREX24 faucets allow registered customers to get cryptocurrency for free. There is a set time interval and payment limits for each available currency.

Click on the "Get" when the button is available. Cryptocurrency will be credited to your trading account.

CoinPayout amountPeriodeDapatkan tautan
SPRTZ515 min.
BTCU35 min.
CBTC12.510 min.
PIRATE0.0015 min.
RSIN0.51 day
AGET15 h.
SHND1001 h.
FOTC0.0011 h.
HNDC510 h.
QWC51 h.
Date and timeNama panggilanCoinJumlah
19.12.2018 14:05:10SwelteringWheel18AGET1
19.12.2018 14:05:10WickedSongs46SPRTZ5
19.12.2018 14:05:10OverjoyedCredit91SHND100
19.12.2018 14:05:10ThreateningVase29SDGO1
19.12.2018 14:05:10LonelyMusic30SPRTZ5
19.12.2018 14:05:10AloofSound55PIRATE0.001
19.12.2018 14:05:10ScrawnyTitle90CBTC12.5
19.12.2018 14:05:09HistoricalAcoustics28PIRATE0.001
19.12.2018 14:05:09DisgustingKnowledge61CBTC12.5
19.12.2018 14:05:09HolisticAct86SHND100