Each transaction occurs between two parties - a market maker and a market taker.

The market maker is a bidder whose order (an order to buy or sell) was placed on the market before the transaction. Market makers create liquidity in the market (form an order book). The market-taker is a bidder that concludes the transaction according to the actual market offer. Therefore, in each transaction one of the parties is necessarily a market maker, and the other is a market-taker.

Participants pay a fee for each transaction. According to the CREX24 rules, the market maker commission is less than the market-taker commission. Such an approach stimulates the market liquidity and decreases the spread. The fee depends on your trading activity. Every 24 hours, we calculate the contract trading volume for the last 30 days of trading on your account and dynamically correct the commission value in accordance with the table:

Market maker (rebate)Market taker (fee)Trading volume (for the last 30 days)
0.01%0.10%≥ 0 BTC
0.02%0.09%≥ 5 BTC
0.03%0.08%≥ 15 BTC
0.04%0.07%≥ 30 BTC
0.05%0.06%≥ 50 BTC