CREX24 faucets allow registered customers to get cryptocurrency for free. There is a set time interval and payment limits for each available currency.

Click "Get" when the button is available. Cryptocurrency will be credited to your trading account.

CoinPayout amountTime intervalGet
WYX501 day
BTT17 h.
JUMP0.11 day
QWC403 h.
HNDC51 h.
FWY102 h.
BAZZ12 h.
MSTC12 h.
MTS512 h.
METRO17005 h.
Date and timeNicknameCoinAmount
23.05.2019 15:04:23InvincibleOrder87HNDC5
23.05.2019 15:04:23FreshNorth21BAZZ1
23.05.2019 15:04:22CynicalTurkey30HNDC5
23.05.2019 15:04:22LastCow46HNDC5
23.05.2019 15:04:22ArrogantZebra63BAZZ1
23.05.2019 15:04:22DiscreetSack66MTS5
23.05.2019 15:04:21ScarceDogs88BAZZ1
23.05.2019 15:04:21LameBears53QWC40
23.05.2019 15:04:20DrabGoose53FWY10
23.05.2019 15:04:19WarlikeCamp49BUZZ5

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