CREX24 faucets allow registered customers to get cryptocurrency for free. There is a set time interval and payment limits for each available currency.

Click "Get" when the button is available. Cryptocurrency will be credited to your trading account.

CoinPayout amountTime intervalGet
SBTC0.011 h.
SHND108 h.
CHEESE110 h.
FREE7008 h.
MICRO10012 h.
XLA18 h.
PUT16 h.
BTCZ112 h.
DATP157 h.
CREX0.000016 h.
Date and timeNicknameCoinAmount
01.12.2020 12:05:12ElegantVessel78FREE700
01.12.2020 12:05:11RelievedHoney75SHND10
01.12.2020 12:05:09DustyDowntown87BTCZ1
01.12.2020 12:05:09FlutteringHour50DATP15
01.12.2020 12:05:09DarkPain85SBTC0.01
01.12.2020 12:05:09PrivateFrog53MICRO100
01.12.2020 12:05:09BreezyMan88CREX0.00001
01.12.2020 12:05:09CrabbyGun93SBTC0.01
01.12.2020 12:05:08OppositeQuiver28CHEESE1
01.12.2020 12:05:08InnocentDiscovery61FREE700