Getting faucets does not guarantee a financial profit or the option of exchanging your currency for other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, in order to exchange or withdraw any cryptocurrency you gain from a faucet, you may need more of that cryptocurrency than you received from the faucet.

CREX24 faucets allow registered customers to get cryptocurrency for free. There is a set time interval and payment limits for each available currency.

Click "Get" when the button is available. Cryptocurrency will be credited to your trading account.

CoinPayout amountTime intervalGet
XPIXBR12 day
CYMT1012 h.
DATP1012 h.
MICRO101 day
VIPS122 h.
SHND120 h.
DOGECAT1000012 h.
INNBCL2012 h.
INNBC56 h.

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