How to start earning cryptocurrency with CREX24

Share your referral link with your friends and earn up to 25% commission.

CREX24's versatile referral program lets you profit from trading transactions, games, and cryptocurrency withdrawals.

Invite your friends

How to join the Affiliate Program

  • Create an account
    If you don't have a Crex24 account yet, it only takes a few minutes to set one up.
  • Generate a link
    Once you've registered, head to the Affiliate Program page at and generate a link.
  • Share your link
    Send the link to a friend. Your friend can now register with Crex24 using the link you provided. Please note that the referred customer's browser must support cookies, otherwise the referral link won't work correctly.
  • Start earning with us
    All done! You can now track the activities of your referrals on the Affiliate Program page and earn up to 25% commission on their trading transactions and withdrawals, along with 0.25% on their bets in games.

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