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Reliable platform for secure cryptocurrency trading

At Crex24, we do everything we can to protect our customers' accounts against external attacks.

The company is working to provide improved protection for customers' accounts while maintaining a focus on user-friendly functionality.

Personal data security:

  • Two-factor authentication protects accounts against third-party access
  • SSL certification means data is transferred securely
  • DDoS mitigation ensures uninterrupted access to the platform

Asset security:

  • funds can be withdrawn only after the transaction has been confirmed by the user
  • crypto assets are kept in hot and cold storage
  • following changes to personal data, withdrawals are suspended for 72 hours so that new the data can be verified
  • mandatory complex passwords
  • users are verified
  • you can block your account if suspicious activity is detected
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Low fees

Lucrative cryptocurrency trading for all users

Deposits and Withdrawals

Fees depend on the currency and the payment method used to make deposits and withdrawals. Information about deposits and withdrawals can be found on the "Fees" page.

This allows traders to consider their options before making withdrawals or depositing funds.

Transaction fee

Extremely low transaction fees allow you to enjoy the thrill of trading.

For traders who conclude transactions at the current market price, the fees depend on the trading volume: the higher the volume, the lower the fees. This approach allows traders to continually increase their income.

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Easy-to-use tools for presenting and analyzing data

Cutting-edge graphics

The Crex24 team works tirelessly to make sure that traders get the most out of the platform.

Our customer base is constantly growing and we are striving to make the trading process clear and user-friendly for everyone.

State-of-the-art technologies make quote analysis and decision-making simpler.

The most reliable tools are available on the Crex24 platform to allow traders to assess the current situation.

Exchange rate chart

Our exchange rate chart allows our traders to customize the data displayed:

  • change the interface by 40 parameters
  • select graph type
  • set time limits
  • use 70 indicators
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Unique features

Advanced capabilities

The Crex24 team is constantly working to refine the exchange platform and is committed to improving it for both cryptocurrency developers and for traders. The advanced features include:

  • InvestBox is a tool that cryptocurrency creators, developers and their team members can use to promote cryptocurrencies.
  • Faucets allow you to obtain cryptocurrency for free.
  • Our trading contests program lets you win prizes for cryptocurrency trading.
  • Users can vote to decide which cryptocurrency will be added to Crex24 next.
  • A handy app with an intuitive interface.

We have developed a versatile mobile app for Android to make accessing our platform as convenient and easy as possible.

The app includes the following features:

  • cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals
  • safe storage for your assets: two-factor authentication, pin-code and fingerprint login
  • easy-to-use trading tools
  • visual representations of data using graphs of cryptocurrency rates
  • faucets
  • InvestBox
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A cutting-edge, user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform

Crex24 is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been providing users with some of the best conditions for cryptocurrency trading since 2017. We have made our platform as clear and user-friendly as possible to allow experienced traders and beginners alike to feel part of the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies.

Today, everyone understands the benefits of owning cryptoassets. Despite their high volatility, cryptocurrencies are incredibly popular thanks to the fact that they are not regulated by any government and their value depends on market supply and demand. The dynamism of the exchange rate, speedy transactions with low fees, and total confidentiality all make cryptocurrencies highly attractive to investors.

We are constantly working to improve our existing features and to develop new capabilities. At Crex24, traders can enjoy a user-friendly interface, convenient trading tools, intuitive graphics displaying exchange rates, and more. Users are sure to appreciate our professional approach to trading. To ensure a smooth experience for our customers and their cryptoassets, we have built a support team who are on hand to quickly and effectively resolve even the most difficult issue at any time of the day.

Convenient trading with CREX24

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24-hour support

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Growing functionality

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Unlimited deposits & withdrawals

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